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Main Field of Activities of the Company

Surface and subsurface investigations for earth, concrete and masonry dams, hydraulic structures, high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, power houses.
Specialised foundation treatment for earth, concrete, masonry dams, hydraulic structures, high-rise buildings, bridges, Power plants.
Strengthening of old masonry, earth, concrete dam and hydraulic structures under dam safety assurance.
Construction of dams, concrete, masonry and earthen. Tunnels in hard geological formation, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, housing complex, power house and pump storage schemes on turn key basis.
Slurry and concrete diaphragm walls under hydraulic structures.
Chemical grouting as specialised treatment.
Instrumentation of all types of dams, hydraulic structures, other civil engineering structures.
Water collection and storage systems of various types including underground, surface and overhead reservoirs.

Intake systems from lakes, rivers, including pumping stations.
Water distribution systems of irrigation projects.
Major and minor structures for any size of Hydel project, any size of dam, from small barrage to large composite dams, aqueducts, siphons, Canal regulatory works, intake structures, tunnel; surge shafts, penstocks and power houses.
Fabrication works, land-levelling works.


Company has a fleet of machinery like Excavator, Dumpers, Cranes, Grab buckets, Dozers, Graders, Batching Plants, Weigh Batchers, Crushers, mixer, Transit mixers, building hoist, compressors, Drillings rigs, Grout pumps, Shotcreting machine, Diaphragm walls equipment, Anchor stressing equipment.
A well equipped workshop & laboratory with trained staff is based at Indore.

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